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Welcome Contribution


                 If you have any articles about SARS mental health and would like to offer them to our league and professionals, please e-mail to 


      Doc. Bai Yia Mei白雅美(Doc. of Department of Psychiatry of Yui Li Veteran Hospital 、Taiwan Association of Mental Health Information


       Professor Wang Zhi Hong 王智弘(Associate Professor of NCUE Department of Counseling and Guidance, Host of Taiwan Counselig Net )


        As soon as the contributions are collected, they will be posted on the website. In addition to Department of Health, Executive Yuan of Taiwan R.O.C.,Department of Health Taipei City Government, and other organization-concerned, the articles will be shared with other organizations of public welfare through hyperlink in order to gather people together to fight with SARS.

       Thanks for everyone's effort and hope the shock SARS has brought would be overcomed smoothly!!  

           The first batch of contributions SARS "Heart-Assuring Booklet" sponsored by Prudential Assurance Company has been copied and distributed among the public and posted on Psychpark (allied website). Download here

       We will keep collecting related articles and welcome sponsorship 


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