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"SARS Mental Health League" The First Conference(92/5/02) 

SARS Mental Health League Trigger Heart-Assuring Clinic Consultation on Line

(92/5/02China Time)

Mental Health League  Provide  Hotline to Help Alleviate the Public Fear

(92/5/02China Time

"SARS Mental Health League"  News Script for the Second Conference(92/5/13)

"SARS Mental Health League" the Second Conference(92/5/13) 

Five Counseling Hotlines to Comfort Heart in Panic: Community Service Provided by SARS Mental Health League (92/5/14Taiwan Daily)

SARS Mental League Hotline Answer your Questions (92/5/14Star Daily)

People who dare not go out after quarantine can call "Heart-Assuring Hotline" to help alleviate anti-SARS pressure(92/5/ 14Apple Daily)

The Convener of the League Professor Chen Donate Thirty Thousand Heart-Assuring Brochures to Ministry of Education(92/5/15)   

"Anti-Epidemic League for Social Security" , "To love your neighbors, help each other to fight SARS" Conference(92/5/22)

"SARS Mental Health League" The Third Conference(92/5/23) 

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