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Mental Health Websites


      Psychpark:  Psychiatric Column

  SARS Mental Health Websites are co-constructed by Psychpark and Taiwan Spiritual Health Information Association. All the concerning materials are edited by both Doctor Lin Chou Chen  (林朝誠) and Doctor Bai Ya Mei  (白雅美) of Veterans General Hospital. The  content includes articles concerning  SARS Mental Health, SARS News, Message Board, etc. More than 100 Mental Health experts offer Psychpark Clinic service, which is a co-website  with SARS Mental Health Information Net



      Committees of Student Counseling of Ministry of Education: SARS Mental   Counseling and Guidance Net new!

 Consigned by Committees of Student Counseling of Ministry of Education, sponsored by Chinese Guidance Association, joined with Department of Counseling and Guidance of National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan Counseling Net constructs this official website belonging to  Ministry of Education. The website aims at providing  measures dealing with emergency on campus and SARS mental guidance work. In addition to sorting out the related policies, regulations and articles of rescue and mental guidance, it  sets up special areas for all levels of school and E-mail counseling system in cooperation with island-wide counseling experts. 

   Taipei Mental Health Center

 Taipei  City is one of the severest SARS-stricken areas. Taipei Mental Health Center turns into  commanding headquarter of SARS mental health. In this website, related information and Heart-Assuring Brochure for Free is provided. You can download application forms from here to join forces with  SARS Mental Health League. 


      Lin-Ko Chang Gung Hospital, Department of Psychiatry: SARS-Concerning Mental Health Information new!

 Constructed by Lin-Ko Chang Gung Hospital, Department of Psychiatry. The content includes professional suggestions for Medical staff, cases and their family, parents and children and the public. Edited by Doctor Lou Jia Yi (劉嘉逸), the chairman of Department of Psychiatry

   National 921 Post-Trauma Mental Counseling and Guidance Net  

Since the mental impact brought by SARS is also a new kind of trauma, this website, equipped with the accumulation of Post-Trauma rehabilitation information in wake of  921 earthquake, can offer examples for SARS mental health work.

   Taiwan Community Psychology Net

                     Constructed by the Research Group of  2020  Taiwan Community Mental Prevention. Edited by Zho Qai Zhong (周才忠), one of the graduate students of the department of Psychology of National Chengchi University. He sets up SARS mental information pages which provide SARS-related news and relevant mental health websites and information from home and abroad.


   National Cheng Kung University, Department of Nursing :Guardian Angel      Website new!

          Constructed by Department of Nursing, National Chen Kung University. Edited by the assistant professor Lin Mai Fong(林梅鳳). This website is specially designed for nursing staff. The content includes "Supply station of Guardian Angel" and SARS-related information pages. In addition,  E-mail on-line counseling service is provided.  Anti-SARS nursing  staff are welcome to make the most of this website.


   Medical Social Security Work Association of ROC: Column of SARS

 The content of the web page can be divided into several parts including "Related News for Reference",  "Related Medical Information", "Sharing of Articles and Experiences", "Related Foreign Reference", and "Message and   Forum", etc. In addition to offering SARS related news, correct medical information, it integrates anti-SARS viewpoints from social workers with related references from home and abroad and provides forum for exchange of opinion. 

   Hospice Foundation of Taiwan: SARS Caring Net              

 A website constructed by Hospice Foundation of Taiwan. The content includes Card Alliance to express blessing for the frontline medical staff and quarantined relatives, "Heart-Assuring Brochure", adaptation to pressure, medical staff notes, Hong Kong experiences, "no more tear", and related information nets. 



   SARS and Taiwanese Society                  

 Set up by students and professors from the department of social science of National Taiwan University. It aims at proposing analysis for all aspects of SARS and offering suggestions for the medical and Anti-SARS policies of the concerned authority. The content includes 'Observation of Media and SARS", "Medical System and SARS", "Social Injustice and SARS", "Home Quarantine and SARS", "Globalization of Border and SARS", etc. 



      Anti-SARS Trio

            Produced by Yu Quan International. It includes animation for kids to learn about SARS.



      Common Disease Teaching Net

           Produced by Cai Wei Li (蔡偉力). It includes SARS-related teaching resources available for teachers.


   SARS Help Hotline and Forum (Mainland China, Bejing University)


   To Fight SARS: Psychology in Action

( Research Center of Social Economy and Mental Behavior, Graduate School of Psychology, Chinese Association of Science)


   SARS Mental Help Center (Mainland China,  Hua Xia Mental Net)


   Canadian Psychological Association: SARS Web Page

         Offer Anti-SARS tactics and mental health adaptation methods in face of SARS.


   Hong Kong Psychological Association SARS Web Page

               Offer SARS related information, helping resources and guidance tactics. 


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