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Anti-SARS Websites



Local Websites

  SARS--Related Information from Department of Health, Executive of Yuan, Taiwan R.O.C  

      SARS Online Information Center, Department of Health, Center of Disease Control, 

           Executive Yuan, Taiwan R.O.C

      Department of Health, Taipei City Government--SARS

      National Taiwan University Hospital Website 

      Taiwan Health Education Resource Center 

         (provide abundant materials to promote health  education)

      SARS: latest News (Set up by local medical experts)

      SARS Info. page  

          (Set up by teachers and students of National Taiwan University's medical school)

      OmniHealth Group: SARS

      Fight Fear with Knowledge and Cooperate to Stay Healthy new! 

         Under the lead of the founding director of Community Establishment Seminar of R.O.C(CESROC), Li Yuan-zer, the president of Academia Sinica,  members of island-wide community establishment seminar and local expert groups worked together to form "Community Anti-SARS League" to fight against SARS.  Activities include: anti-SARS information stop, Cheer-Up BBS, Cheer of Love,  lighting up "Safety Lantern", etc. Timely, correct, and easy-to-understand anti-SARS information available to fight SARS.

      Community College SARS Net new!

        The content of this website is provided by National Tsing Hua University's Professor Peng Ming-huei and students from island-wide community colleges. The specialty of the website : all of the information is arranged according to the degree of reliability. By  crossing out  unproven rumors and false reports, we can avoid misguiding the general public.

      Yam Forum─SARS

      Chinatimes SARS Forum

      Unitednews SARS Forum

      Yahoo/Kimo SARS Forum

      Sina SARS Forum

      SARS Net, Minister of Education

      Campus Security Report Center, Minister of Education

Foreign Websites


  World Health Organization (WHO) SARS information

             Latest Epidemic News Around the World

             The Latest Statistics of Cases  

   SARS Outbreak News (Set up by non-profit Singaporean website)



           American Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) SARS  information 

      Health Canada, SARS  information

      Canadian Medical Association (CMA)


      Chinese Center of Disease Control and Prevention 

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health, China

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Hong Kong

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Macou

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Singapore

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health,  Malaysia

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health and Social Welfare, Korea (Korean)

      Department of Health, Japan (Japanese)

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Philippine

      SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Thailand

      Department of Health, Indicia


   Department of Public Health, European Union

   SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Great Britain

   Department of Health, France (French)

   Department of Health, Germany (Germany)

   Department of Health, Italy (Italian)

   SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Spain (Spanish)

   SARS Web Page, Department of Health, Switzerland (French)

   Department of Health, Belgium

   Department of Health, Austria

   Department of Health, Denmark

   Department of Health and Social Welfare, Finland

   Department of Health and Gymnastics, Netherlands


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