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Welcome Hyperlink Our Website 圖檔


CD-Rom for SARS Physical and Spiritual Meditation and Relaxation

  (Catholic Sanipax Socio-Medical Service & Education Foundation)(92/06/02)new!

Care for Hospitalized and Quarantined Psychotic─Donate Pictures, Magazines and Music  for Alleviation of Pressure and Relaxation (92/05/31)

Alliance--Hospice Foundation of Taiwan Launch Card Alliance(92/05/30)

Poll Analytic Result of the Public Fear and Awareness of SARS(SARS Mental Health League)(92/05/23)

Alliance--Chinese Guidance Association: Human Resource List of Professional Counselors (Counselling on Campus)

Alliance--Chinese Guidance Association:

Schedule for Professional Counselors (Counselling On Phone)

Promotional Materials of SARS from Disease Control Center

SOS!! Call for SARS Mental Health Articles

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SARS " Heart-Assuring Booklet" for Free

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「"Awareness of Danger in Face of Threatening Epidemics"--Self-Checklist

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